artsykit® was established in Manila in 2014 specializes in graphic design and digital printing. We started our brand with themed collections, designs inspired by art, music, and Filipino culture and sub-culture. We offer apparel and accessories, which you can find at shopping malls all over Metro Manila, as well as an online shop that ships globally. As we expanded our interests, we have added fandom, pop-culture, asian-culture, and pet themed designs. Our aim is to enable our audience to express their individualism freely through our brand.

Since we started, we’ve already been collaborating with other creatives, to name a few, we’ve worked with Ella Lama (Illustrator), JP Pining (Artist), Zom Kashwak (Illustrator), Kevin Javellana (Illustrator), and many more. We’re pushing to work with other talented local creatives to uplift the community through our brand’s growing audience. Our goal in artsykit® is to create a platform that will promote our local products designed by local creatives globally.